For us, quality means
when the customer and not the goods come back!


The story behind it: Turning away and turning to

The history of LA Tools & Service originally started with an abandoning of the industry. As an employee I - Andreas Lorenz - only experienced efforts when it came to higher prices, higher sales and bigger market shares..

The main thing was: as much profit as possible.

What I seldom experienced and always missed in all this was the effort to improve customer service. Disappointment about this situation made me want to turn away from the industry in order to look for new challenges for myself.

But I wasn't the only one who was dissatisfied with the customer service in this industry.

Many customers approached me with the request to keep up the business with me personally.

What started as an opportunity for me to work out my own ideas of customer service in part-time grew more and more because of its high demand.

June 2017 this led to the birth of the LA Tools & Service in its present form.

Our mission: satisfied customers


LA Tools & Service is more than “just” a supplier of high quality products.
We are a professional and expert service partner who stands reliably at your side.


Our top three values

Customer satisfaction

We live for my customers!

With over 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering and machining, we look after your company competently and with extensive specialist knowledge at the highest level!


We stand for sustainable success!

The most important resource for us is you as a company and your personal, sustainable success.

We will help you to grow and prosper.


We rely on clear communication!

A strong partnership can only grow with a long-term business relationship.

This is how we are successful together!

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