The LÖHER company has stood for high quality twist drills for almost 100 years. The success story is now being continued in the third generation. With its headquarters in Remscheid, the LÖHER company sells its twist drills not only regionally, but also worldwide.

Top quality twist drills made in Germany

For over 90 years, August LÖHER has stood for top quality drilling tools. Perfect surfaces and absolute precision are the result of a manufacturing process that is unrivaled to this day. The high level of automation in our production guarantees consistently high quality. We are known for our proverbial speed from order receipt to dispatch, as well as for our high level of delivery.

Our catalog contains around 5,800 tools. We manage a total of 11,900 articles.

screw machine drills / double-drills / sheet metal drills / hollow section twist drills / micro precision drills / NC-centr drills / weld point twist drills / twist drills

And if you do not find what you are looking for, we are happy to manufacture custom-made products and modifications to series tools according to your wishes.

LÖHER Catalog

LÖHER catalog carries approx 5,800 articles made of various materials and coatings. Have a look around - and contact us if you don't find the exact tool you are looking for. We have more than twice as many items in our warehouse. Or ask us about a custom-made product.

Length table

With our length table according to DIN standards, you have access to the lengths of the drills from our range at any time. Just contact us if the length you require is not included. We have many options outside of the DIN standard.

The LÖHER Bible

Read here what makes our ground twist drill so unique for metalworking and why it is worth its price. The drill does not have to be cheap, but the drilling!

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