Quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods!


Our History:

The history of LA Tools & Service originally started with an abandoning of the industry. As an employee I only experienced efforts when it came to higher prices, higher sales and bigger market shares. The only thing that mattered was making as much profit as possible. What I have rarely experienced and have always missed was putting great efforts in customer service.

This led to me abandoning this industry in disappointment to find new challenges for me. But I was not the only one who was dissatisfied with the industry’s customer service. Many customers approached me with the request to keep up the business with me personally. 

What started as an opportunity for me to work out my own ideas of customer service in part-time grew more and more because of its high demand. In June 2017 this led to the birth of the LA Tools & Service in its present form.


Our Mission:

increase customer satisfaction with our products and services

The LA Tools & Service is more than “just” a supplier of high quality products. We are a professional and expert service partner who stands reliably at your side. With our extensive expertise and our years of experience we want to be a valuable and lasting partner for every single customer.

We stand for lasting success. Our most important resource is our customer and long lasting success must not exploit this resource. Instead it needs help it grow and flourish. This is the only way that both sides can continuously grow and only by this customers become lasting, content and successful business partners.

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