High-quality cutting tools for window industriy and trade

No matter whether you need drills, end mills or saw blades - we have the right product for you.

You will find products from our self - developed and well - proven own brand LA as well as well-known manufacturers such as LÖHER, WEXO and WUNSCHMANN.

Both we and our suppliers from Germany and Japan attach great importance to the use of top quality materials and high dimensional accuracy of the tools in manufacturing.

This leads to an extremely long lifetime and excellent surface quality of our tools.

Do you need special tools? - Contact us. We develop the right tool for your specific requirement.

With us you reduce your tool costs and increase the output of your machines!


Areas of application for our products

Window maufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Mechanical engineering


We are constantly striving to expand our knowledge in order to be able to offer you the best possible service.

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